10 reasons why 2010 will be better

2009 was a year most of us already want to forget. Here are 10 reasons why 2010 will be better,,,,,

 1. It can’t get worse, can it?

2. Comparisons vs. an awful 2009 may create small year over year business increases (which are still way off 2007-2008)

3. The stock market still has room for growth. Everyone feels better when their net worth is rising.

4. The shock of the decline of our economy from late 2008 has worn off. We are better able emotionally to handle the new reality.

5. There might be a (slight) up-tick in job growth. Unemployment under 10% is still better than the alternative.

6. Personal savings are increasing.

 7. Consumers have adjusted their wants/needs downward and while this stymies growth, we are a better country for it.

8. Conspicuous consumption is no longer cool

9. While we still live in a great country, we are now humbled a bit. Humility is good.

10. The Yankees will win the World Series again in 2010 (OK that doesn’t make it better than 2009—just the same, but I’ll take the same championship every year.

My best to all for a happy & healthy 2010. Go Yankees.

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  1. Bill Patton says:

    Sorry about your Yankees. They will be taking a “Halliday” from winning, as the Phils extract sweet revenge for 1950 and 2009. I hope all your OTHER predictions come true.

    • Lonny Strum says:

      Bill–Halliday is a great pitcher. But one great ace does not make a winner (see Carlton on the Phillies in the early 70s). Toronto won nothing with him either. Doesn’t mean he’s not great. Now if your Phillies had Halliday AND Lee……

  2. Happy New Year Lonny. I like the way you think, may 9 of your predictions come true . . . go Phils.

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