10 Years of Strumings

119374453On November 30, 2009 I wrote my first introductory blog post, Welcome to Strumings, followed shortly thereafter with a post about Mariano Rivera, the now Hall of Fame Yankees closer, Exit Sandman.

And so Strumings began 10 years ago. As I launched my blog (with thanks to David Sonn and the late Dave St. Clair), I envisioned Strumings would be a blog I would write on a variety of topics—marketing, sports, business, music and life. It was heavily weighted early on to marketing since I am a marketing guy by background. I had no grand vision of Strumings life or success, but thought it was good idea for a marketing guy to have a blog, if only to remind people that I am around. I’ve actually found it very useful to stay connected to people who I don’t see regularly and also to develop some new relationships.

I made a few commitments to myself at the outset:

1. I would minimally publish weekly—without fail. No weeks off for vacation, illness, writers block, etc. I would publish EVERY week. I have kept my commitment so far and have never, ever missed a week, and actually on occasion I’ve posted 2x a week. Therefore, in 10 years in I have already posted my 500th Struming.

2. I resolved that I would made Strumings an easy read. I write Strumings in my voice. My posts are not book reports and are largely simple, focused summaries of thoughts I have.

3. I would use techniques to make it easy on a digital reader—simple headline, key visual and numbered items just as I am doing now.

4. I would seek subscribers for those interested in doing so (thank you for those of you who have subscribed)

5. However, since most people really don’t want to subscribe to a blog, I would create a monthly summary of the 4 posts of the month and distribute them in a single monthly blast to a larger universe of 2000+ friends, acquaintances. I have done this via Constant Contact and continue to do so. Happy to see my #s grow over the years. It’s always gratifying to see open and click rates several times the Constant Contact averages. I do look at my stats. “What gets measured, gets managed” as Peter Drucker said. So please, keep reading & clicking.

6. I would also use the megaphone of social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter—for those interested in my thoughts.

In thinking about my content, I do realize some of my thoughts might be polarizing:

1. Though I don’t write about politics often, I surely have a progressive point of view, and am not reluctant to express it when appropriate. But Strumings is really not heavily politically focused.

2. I am fiscally conservative (aka frugal) and my fiscal thoughts are frequent content. That’s the stuff you should read! If you spend beyond your means like there’s no tomorrow, you really need to read Strumings

3. I have a strong NY bias in sports and for New York City in general. Clearly anyone who knows me understands my passion for the New York Yankees and my love for New York City. It has the best (and worst) of everything. I realize not everyone shares my passion particularly in the Philadelphia market where I reside. Too bad.

4. I have a growing intolerance for bull shit and am not reluctant to say so. Perhaps that’s a function of increased age, though this was a trait I had when I was younger. Yet I try not to make Strumings a rant. Every time I start to sound like Lewis Black (who I love), I try to tone it back. Nobody likes a bummer.

So, as I “celebrate” the 10th anniversary of Strumings, the $64,000 question is: How long will I publish? The answer is I have no idea, as Strumings has no finish line. As long as I run into someone who says “I liked your Struming about (such and such)” I will keep Struming. Perhaps I will change the cadence of publishing from weekly at some point. However, when I don’t feel like writing it any more or it becomes a chore, I will stop. But that day isn’t near yet.

Thanks to all for your support and feedback.

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  1. Heather Hardwick says:

    Woo hoo, a decade of Lonny! :) Happy New Year, hope you enjoyed the holidays … warm regards and all best to you and your family for a joyous, healthy, safe and prosperous 2020! If you are ever in SW Florida, let me know — I live in Sarasota now … a short 8 miles from the beach. ~ Heather

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