2019 Best of Strumings

1186555727This Struming is a “best of”. As I publish Strumings every week and have now published more than 500 posts since Strumings was launched in 2009, I now have an extensive library.

When one commits to publish weekly (without fail), you face a weekly deadline. My personal obligation to this deadline forces me to pick a topic and move forward. This is not a heavy obligation. It’s actually the kind of business discipline that makes for success. Since I am not without points of views about business and life in general, as anyone who knows me well can attest, I just sit down, write and publish. Voila. A new Struming.

I do know I could use an editor, and sometimes posts are laden with typos and poor grammar. The good news is that in today’s digital world, white-out is not needed and I update/correct posts as I go on.

Since Strumings is a Lonny Strum creation, I chose topics that I am interested in. That’s obviously my prerogative. But I am often amazed at which ones have the most readership. Those are often topics which mark milestones or a topic that has universal appeal.

2019 was a good example of a year where milestones and universal topics topped the list the most popular Strumings, so here is the list:

1. 30 years in Philadelphia

This Struming obviously looks back at our move to the Philadelphia market (South Jersey) back in 1989. Though my body has been near Philadelphia for the past 30 years, if you know me you can appreciate that my heart and soul remains in New York.

2. Strum Consulting at 20

I am 20 years gone from the ad business, having sold my interest in my ad agency in 1999. Our family then took a cross country trip with the family in the Summer of 1999. In the fall of 1999, Strum Consulting was born and still lives today.

3. 10 years of Strumings

I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Strumings. The first one was published on November 29, 2009.

4. Is Dyeing a Part of Life?

Guess this one struck a chord among my aging readers. In 2019 I stopped dyeing my hair, and am glad I did. Are you still dyeing?

So those were the top Strumings of 2019. I enjoyed writing them and I guess a few readers enjoyed reading them too. Strumings continues next week right after New Year’s Day. Can’t miss a week you know.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy & healthy 2020 to all.

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