3 Critical Marketing Strategies for 2014

marketing strategyI recently read a fascinating piece called 20 Statistics That Will Drive 2014 Marketing Strategies by Pam Dwyer who writes a blog called Pamorama. Really smart stuff. Pam laid out 20 stats, all good ones, that she believed will drive 2014 marketing strategies. I read them with great interest but feft there were a handful that I found particularly interesting. Some are not surprising (like social media spending is increasing), while others were quite not as obvious. Here are the 3 trends that stuck with me—interestingly, and not surprisingly, almost all the trends have digital implications. From a marketing perspective, though old-fashioned “analog” marketing still has impact, it’s clear that the world is going more digital on a daily basis.

So with thanks to Pam, here are what I believe are the 3 most significant trends for 2014 and beyond

1. “Content is king”

Pam sites that 78% of CMOs state that custom content is the future of marketing and that 50% of companies have a content strategy. Obviously the 50% that do not have a content strategy will have one soon.

2. B-to-B companies that blog have 67% more leads than those that don’t

I wanted to encourage my b-to-b clients to start a blog today based on this observation. But wait, not so fast. I believe the observation at face value, but is it the blog that caused the increase in leads, or the fact that they are thought leaders and therefore seek to share their content with others that create more leads? In the end, it doesn’t matter. If content is king, and a company is a provider of meaningful content and has a blog, then it’s logical that they will generate more interest among prospective customers.

3. SEO is vital

No big “aha” here most of you might say. One stat that made sense, but was impressive to me is that 33% of traffic from Google goes to the first item listed.  In the “olden days” didn’t every service repair company vie for AAA Service name so they would be listed first in the yellow page listings? So the implication is that a smart marketer can never let up on their SEO/SEM efforts lest they lose their dominant “pole” position. And the fact that 72% of those marketers which use pay per click efforts plan on increasing their budgets for this in 2014 reinforces this point.

As mentioned previously, marketing is becoming more digital and wise marketers that lead will reap the benefits of increase awareness, visits, leads and business. What do you think are the most critical marketing strategies for 2014 and beyond?

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