3 Mega Social Trends for 2014

As we approach year end, there have been a flurry of articles on social media trends and outlook for 2014. Truth is none of us really know what the future holds, but there are some trends that make “predictions” for 2014 better than mere guess work. I don’t agree with everyone’s ideas but I did read an interesting analysis in Social Media Today called 5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014. I guess I liked this piece since I generally agree with the comments. Here are my 3 favorites:

1. Video

vine-vs-instagram-11-300x172This should be no surprise. We live in a video world. I was taught about the power of sight, sound and motion as a young ad guy in the 70s and 80s. It was true then, just as it is today. What’s different is that TV is not the only way that video is delivered. Today if you have a smartphone you are an instant director. Vine and Instagram Video captures life as it is happening and delivers it in 6 and 15 second snippets. It’s been interesting watching the Battle of Vine vs. Instagram Video, but in reality it’s not really a battle, since both are winners. All very cool. And You Tube continues to deliver a gazillion hours of video, brilliant and awful.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat_logoThey turned down $3Billion in cash from Facebook and reportedly $4Billion from Google. What could possibly be worth that much? Snapchat is super cool. Snapchat is a photo messaging app that allowers you to send a photo or video that appears in vanish in 1-10 seconds. The vanishing part gives people the illusion that it goes away. Beware! Not so. Screen saving in that window of time captures the image forever. But the $64,000 (or $4Billion ) question  is how will they monetize its growing popularity? We’ll see.

3. Twitter is cooler than Facebook among teens.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-02-at-2.25.12-PMA recent study shows that teens marginally prefer Twitter to Facebook. (Is Facebook Losing its Luster). Hard to have imagined this just a couple of years ago. But teens are obviously a leading indicator of where trends are heading. Does this indicate the decline of Facebook? No. But it does speak to the growing popularity of Twitter.

By the way, the absence of comment on other major platforms—Pinterest and LinkedIn for example—doesn’t indicate their lack of importance—just that they may not go through the change in 2014 that others will experience.

So what does the future hold for social? Change is the status quo. Bring it on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these stats folks. We need to all be paying attention to the rapid changes going on in the world of SM.

    Thanks for sharing

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