5 Important Things I’ve Learned In Business

five-hand-image-300x274Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we are all wiser with experience. I know in my “youth” I undervalued experience in decision making. I brazenly thought I knew all the answers. I was smart and confident, but I also made some foolish decisions. We all stub our toes along the way in business (and in life). In fact, the pain of the “toe stubbing” is often the best teacher.

But there are some basic principles on things I’ve learned along the way that are worth articulating:

1. There’s nothing more important to your career than your personal “brand”

This is doubly true in today’s world where we are all free agents. Information is so widespread that it is impossible to hide from the past. Your brand means your reputation. Are you trustworthy? Do you share credit? Do you own up to mistakes or try to blame others?

2. Be on time

There is nothing more disrespectful to others than constant tardiness. Anyone who knows me knows how important I feel this is.

3. Be dependable

When you say such and such will happen by x date, make it so. Be dependable

4. No excuses. Just results.

Don’t you hate people who have an excuse for every outcome that falls short? I surely do. An excuse and a result aren’t the same thing. Yes, I obviously realize 100% of stuff is not in your control. Anticipate problems and solve them.

5. Be truthful

Covey calls this Integrity in the Moment of Choice. It’s easy to be truthful in an easy situation. It’s when there’s tension and pressure that most of us cave, and start shading the truth. I suspect we have all been guilty of this sometimes (Alas I know I have). Try REALLY HARD to avoid shading the truth. BTW, Leaving out key facts is the same as lying.

We’ve all gotten our butts kicked in our lives. When you just get up. Go forward. Learn from adversity, and succeed another day.

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  1. Jamie Allebach says:

    Great advice. Thanks for posting.

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