5 Reasons why your business doesn’t need a social media strategy.

Social media is way overblown and will be remembered in the same context as the pet rock, you say. Hold true to your (foolish) beliefs at your own peril. Here are 5 good reasons why participating in social media is not important for your business…..

1. “Our business is so strong, we have more business than we can handle”—obviously a universal problem in today’s economy

2. Social media is a fad. It’ll be gone in a year or two.  

3. Its only value is in finding out where you high school boy/girl friend ended up

4. Only “kids” do it. It has no merit in business.

5. “Why would we want to know what people are saying about us—what do they know anyhow?”

 What’s scary is that a few businesses still believe that social media is merely a fad and furthermore believe any social media effort as part of an overall communications program is a colossal waste of time. The good news is that the majority of companies have a clue and are asking the more important questions:

–How can a proactive social media program support my business strategy?

–How can I participate in social media to understand my customers’ needs and wants at a higher level?

–What are the measurement metrics of social media efforts?

 These are all the right questions, ones that can be answered with strategy and planning. What’s obvious is that social media has changed the historical paradigm of business communication from one-way “telling” to two-way “listening”. Covey’s 5th Habit, Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood,  is the basis of social media marketing. Those companies who operate on this principle will reap the benefits of greater business success.

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