6 Things We’ve Learned About Twitter

new-twitter-logoThings are moving quickly for Twitter. Last month it announced that it was going public (Financial World is all a-Twitter) and just last week Twitter provided financial info giving the world a peak under its financial hood.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

1. 75 percent of its users entered twitter through their mobile devices—Twitter was born for Mobile.

2. 65 percent of its revenue came from mobile advertising. No retrofitting themselves as Facebook did. This is a big advantage for their IPO is one of the many reasons they probably will have a successful IPO and won’t stumble as Facebook initially did.

3. Twitter claimed to have 218 Million users at the end of the second quarter, 44% greater than year ago

4. Full year 2012 revenue was reported at $316.9 million. Its first half 2013 revenue was just north of $250 Million, more than double the previous year.

5. Advertising is the main source of revenue, 87% of the total.

6. Twitter is a money loser (so far). It lost $79Million in 2012 and $69Million in the first half of 2013.

Because of the nature of the business twitter’s IPO is compared to Facebook’s, which the world knows was very bumpy (though Facebook is way past stubbing its toe). Here are the differences in a nutshell:


What we do know is that twitter has tremendous upside in its user base and revenue. 18% of adults now use twitter and Twitter continues to grow rapidly. It is growing rapidly as an ad medium as well.

We’ve learned nothing in the IPO process that would make going public less likely. Expect it to happen sooner rather than later, and expect it to be a success.

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