6 Tips for Blogging Success.

Blog visualI believe in blogging as a communications tool (duh). You know that, as you are reading my blog, Strumings. I also have a separate blog, called The Business of Life, about life topics. Strumings is more about marketing, music and sports. I welcome all readers to my blogs and always appreciate feedback.

I do hope to reach friends and acquaintances through my blogs. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with folk I know. It’s also a great way to connect with those who I knew from my earlier business life, but no longer often see. Since I’ve been around the block a few times, there are many people in this category.

I’ve been asked why I blog, and whether I generate consulting business from my blog. My answers are simple:

1. I do it because I like to. It’s a vehicle for my thoughts, and I enjoy writing them down.

2. Yes, I have indirectly gotten business from my blogs. How so? I’ve connected and reconnected with folk which led to discussions and ultimately a business relationship. Would that have happened without a blog? Perhaps. But who cares?—see #1

Strumings was launched in 2009 so I’m now 300+ posts into the blogosphere and, while not an expert, I am hardly a novice any longer. The Business of Life is newer and still finding its legs. I am enjoying that newer blog too. But I’ve now posted enough to see what readers like, what techniques are effective.

Here are my 6 rules for blogging success. Accept or reject them as you like.

1. Keep the posts crisp. They are not book reports. I average 500-600 words per post. Makes it easier for the reader (and the writer).

2. Keep the prose to a minimum and number key points when appropriate—it makes it easier to digest.

3. Write a smart headline that tells the reader what the post is about

4. Use social media as a delivery tool and measure the effectiveness. Url shorteners are good tools for developing stats and analytics tools help as well.

5. Weekly posting is good. Always good to keep to a schedule. I’ve not missed a week since I launched.

6. Universal topics have more juice than esoteric ones. Ones about music have lots of legs, but alas posts about my beloved Yankees are not appreciated by all (too bad for Yankees haters). I do try to keep them to less than 10% of the bog’s overall content.

I recently saw an excellent article on business blogging from copyblogger called How Do You Compare to Serious Business Bloggers? Great infographic. They seem to agree with most of my philosophies—they have no opinion on posts about the Yankees.

So blog for fun. Blog for business. And hopefully somebody cares about what you think. Thank you for reading.

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