Babe Ruth. The Sultan of Swat.

ruthI attended the Babe Ruth bobble head Day at Yankee Stadium this past Saturday. The Babe’s bobble head day was originally scheduled in the 2015 season, but was rained out last year. The Babe didn’t like that. As a passionate fan, I was desperate to get my Babe bobble head, so I was thrilled to get mine on Saturday (and the Yankees won 3-2 on a Gardner walk off homerun to boot). Being the showman he was, I suspect Babe would have loved his bobble head. (BTW–Yes I knew it was Passover and I rushed home from the Bronx for our family Seder that evening–though I suspect Babe would have eaten his hot dog with the bun).

Babe was larger than life. Babe was still a young man when he passed away at age 53 in 1948 of cancer. It’s hard to compare players across eras and even harder across sports, but I consider him the greatest, most famous and accomplished athlete of all time—yes bigger than Jordan, Ali, Gretkzy, Wilt, etc. Obviously they are all world-famous, but none were the “Ruthian” mega star that Babe was (see what I mean he’s even in the dictionary). He and he alone changed the game, saved baseball and set records for home runs inconceivable before he played.

He must have been a handy construction engineer also as he built a palace on 161st and River in the Bronx, aka “The House That Ruth Built”. Today’s 3rd generation Yankee Stadium still mimics the original. And while the Yankees had many mega stars which they honor—Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Ford and more recently Rivera and Jeter—and many others—Babe’s star always shines brightest.

His full monument in Yankees Stadium Moment park was created at the original Yankee Stadium where monuments for Miller Huggins, Lou Gehrig were in center field when the massive center field was 465 from home plate.

My love for the Yankees is not news for Strumings readers and those that know me. My passion is far greater than a fan for his/her team. The Yankees are American history. None bigger than the Babe. Want proof? See the NY Times article below:

The New York Times, 3 March 1944, Pg. 2
By the Associated Press.
CAPE GLOUCESTER, New Britain (Delayed) – Staff Sgt. Jeremiah A. O’Leary, a Marine Corps combat correspondent, reports that Japanese troops charged the Marine lines here shouting the strange Japanese battle cry:
“To hell with Babe Ruth!”

ruth bobble9 years after he retired in 1935 , The Babe was a symbol of our nation that our World War II enemies would try to insult.
Babe Ruth. The mega sports star– In life and death. Glad to have his bobblehead.

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