Confession of a Shopkick Addict.

41606_165889914855_7645_nI’m hooked on Shopkick and I admit it. Case in pointI recently stopped at a Crate & Barrel. Hardly big news, except I have little interest in Crate & Barrel. I stopped at the Crate & Barrel in Cherry Hill, NJ for one reason only. I got 300 “walk-in” Kickbucks for merely entering the store. In the Shopkick universe those 300 Kickbucks are worth $1.20 since each buck is worth 4 tenths of a cent toward gift cards of various types. Am I merely a cheapskate looking for any angle to collect points worth real money (OK, maybe so)? Or perhaps I am a fascinated marketer looking to understand what I believe is a great idea to impact consumer behavior (yes, that too). But I do know I am addicted to Shopkick, and am not ashamed to say so.  Beyond my willingness to travel to stores to get Kickbucks, each morning one of the first things I do is to open my Shopkick app on my Droid and then collect roughly 15 to 20 Kickbucks for merely clicking on the participating retailers of the day and get 1-2 points each retailer generating 6 to 8 cents of total value for doing so (yes I really am a cheapskate)

Don’t know anything about Shopkick…yet? If you don’t understand Shopkick, then you have no idea what Kickbucks are. But somewhere along the line I suspect you will hear more about Shopkick, and very soon.

Here’s the background:  

Shopkick is a mobile app available with iPhones and Android phones and was introduced in August 2010 and now has more than 1.5 Million users with 40 percent active monthly, 20 percent using the app on a weekly basis and the most zealous 5 to 10 percent (like me) use it daily. Strumings readers might recall an earlier Struming about Shopkick from  August 2010 called Big Brother is Watching and Wants You to Save Money.

Shopkick delivers rewards and offers merely checking in on a smartphone without even visiting a store, and more for walking into stores and for scanning products. The rewards come in the form of points, the aforementioned. Kickbucks. There are also bonuses at several large retailers including Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Target, and Wet Seal. Kickbucks are redeemable for rewards of various types  including iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority gift cards, movie tickets, and so on. There are also special deals available to those chcecking in   to the participating retailers.

The latest and most interesting Shopkick initiative is promotion with the CW Network. The promotion provides CW viewers with special discounts and rewards while they watch their commercials. The on screen alerts instructs viewers to open their Shopkick app on their smartphone and then the phone’s microphone will immediately recognize the TV commercial and deliver instant rewards. Goodie! More “benies” for merely watching TV. How cool.

Smart retailers are realizing the power of Shopkick to engage and attract visits from consumers. They understand the power of a store visit in generating revenue and are willing to pay for the traffic.

Who knows?  I might even buy something at a Crate & Barrel soon.

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