Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

yoda-there-is-no-try1Those words of wisdom came from Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back. Powerful and wise advice from the wise one. It occurred to me on reflection that Yoda’s sage wisdom was identical to my underlying philosophy that efforts and results are not identical.

How often have you heard things like:

“I’ll try to get it to you by Thursday” (By the way never use “try” in business—the receiving party hears, “I’ll have it to you by Thursday”. If you think there’s a chance you can’t do it by Thursday, negotiate a date you can make before you commit)

“I tried to get it done, but I couldn’t get any responses to my email” (Did you pick up the phone by the way?)

“I’ll see what I can do. No promises” (ok, tell me what you can promise then)

Said kindly, the comments above are all bullshit. Effort is very nice for children. It’s for tee-ball. In life, results are what matters, not just effort. Real effort is merely a necessary step to getting something done. Yet how often have you been let down in business and life by someone who lamely says I tried to do such and such, but (insert excuse here)

Simply said, a Result and an excuse are not the same. It’s very basic: Results reign. Excuses are lame. In fact I submit those that said they “tried” did not give it real effort at all. Maybe they took one shot and said “oh well”.

Ultimately, there are two types of people:

Those who do what they say
Those who do not.

None of us are perfect. There are sometimes truly acts of god. But those who deliver anticipate the unanticipated and find a way around them. We all should look in the mirror and ask. Do you try? Or do you do?

“Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try”

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