Do You Have a Mobile Website…Yet?

iStock_000016131448XSmallHaving a mobile optimized website is becoming more than a “nice to do”. With the explosion of smartphones, mobile access of websites will soon exceed desktop web search making a mobile site even more important. Today’s Struming comes from a recent article from Mark Chris Miller on this subject, called “10 Reasons Why Businesses Must Have a Mobile Website”. Good thinking.

You would have probably noticed by now that your customers are glued to their mobile phones even while seated in their office. Their mobile device brings them latest available information and enables them to stay connected on the go. So, have you given deep thought to reach them or make your business available on their phone? Is your website ready for a mobile audience? We give you 10 reasons why your business must go mobile:

1. 83 million people on the mobile web

As per the Neilsen’s Report, there are 83 million mobile web users in U.S. This is in fact a large number of audiences which you could cater to for your business needs.

2. Mobile web traffic grew by 50-100%

In recent times, there has been a significant shift from desktop searches to mobile. The web mobile use has doubled in 2010 with the growth rate of 110% and it is likely to grow even more as smartphones continue to exhaust the market.

3. Mobile vs. Web users in 3 years

Everyone is going mobile. The web searches on smartphones are rapidly growing, making it more important to have a mobile-optimized website. A recent study on Internet Trends found that the usage of web browsing on mobile will exceed the desktop web search by 2014.

4. Mobile websites reach all audiences, apps do not

Apps are the next best thing for smartphone users! Having said that, there are many drawbacks to it too – you have to make an app for each platform you target, which means you develop apps for three different platforms – one for Blackberry, another for iPhone and finally, one for Android. Also, every time you come across a good app, you have to go through the process of installing it unlike the mobile websites that are smartphone friendly. Mobile websites don’t have any of these app problems, so everyone can view them and enjoy browsing!

5.Smartphone traffic will boost your overall traffic

The excitement of using a trendy smartphone itself generates a lot of traffic for mobile websites. Hence, you can significantly increase the overall audience visits by being available wherever and whenever they want to access your site.

6. Rise in demand for smartphones

Apparently, the trend to own a smartphone is on the rise, everyone wants to own one and flaunt it. Nevertheless, its exclusive utility also attributes to the demand shift for the smartphone.

7. Your website might be hard or impossible to use on mobile

Mobile browsing is all about great experience. If you try to open normal websites on your mobile browser, you may find them broken most of the time. Besides, as an organization, it might also affect your brand image.

8. 43 million people check e-mail daily via mobile

With an audience of this size checking email via mobile, it becomes very natural for any business to tap their prospective customers in their inbox.

9. Either you go mobile or your competitors will

Having a mobile website is fast catching up as the latest trend and if you fail to get one, your competitor will definitely own one pretty soon. So, don’t be left behind.

10. Tapping audiences on the go

If you don’t have a mobile website, you limit your website views to just desktops. Now-a-days, key decision makers who matter to your business are on the move, so get one and connect with them!

Convinced? If so, then get started on your mobile site. You’ll be glad you did.

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