Go Away, Hillary.

H-logoHillary, go away. Go away and stay out of sight.

Millions of Americans are disappointed you lost, me included. I voted for you. You won the popular vote by almost 3 Million votes, but that doesn’t matter since that’s not how we elect our President (BTW—tell me again why that is?). You lost the electoral vote. How could that have happened? Were you too busy planning your victory fireworks celebration to do the math in the swing states. You blew it and I know you were devastated, but I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. I feel sorry for me and the majority of Americans. You screwed up and now we have to pay the price for the incompetence of how you ran your campaign. I am angry about your weakness, your arrogance and assumption of the ease of your victory. You made a critical error in judgement–you played “not to lose” and assumed the anti-Trump voters would carry you into office.

The real problem is that you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t crisply define what you stood for, and you didn’t connect with voters, even those like me who voted for you. No matter what crap they threw at you (and it was a heaping load of crap), you still should have risen above and won—and won easily. Bernie could have won, O’Malley could have won—hell, I could have won. But you didn’t win. Yes, there was a ton of stuff thrown at you, but you are not a victim. Truth is that you didn’t inspire me and most Americans, even the ones which pulled your lever. In the end enough Americans were conned into voting for a man who has little business being President, even though YOU were the qualified one, the one with experience, intelligence and pedigree. Didn’t matter.

But I was not inspired by you and many of the voters who still voted for you felt the same way. I also remember saying to myself 2 years ago: My god, is she going to be the nominee? Do I have to vote for her? Maybe I should vote for a Republican? (No I didn’t do that—not even close). But that in itself was a sign—how is it a lifelong Democrat would even think to not vote for the candidate of the party he strongly supports? Simply, I never connected with your weak messages on any emotional level. That was still enough to get plenty of votes but hardly enough for the large victory that could have been yours.

Every day when I see the lack of compassion, deceit and outright fraud in the new administration, I again am reminded that you are the reason I have a knot in my stomach every day. You came up small when we needed you to come up big.

How is it that a Democrat, ANY Democrat, allowed a Republican candidate to connect with middle class working Americans? Those should have been DEMOCRATIC voters. It’s the Democratic party that defends the middle class. Has always been that way. The Republican party is the party of privilege whose ideas and programs are skewed to those of means. The GOP is the party that resents “Entitlements” those 47% of Americans that Romney (who is looking much better to me now) mocked and cost him a shot at the White House.

You misunderstood the angst that many Americans feel. Our society is changing. We’ve become a service economy, not a manufacturing one. Immigrants/illegal aliens are not taking the jobs of middle Americans, but you allowed the other guy to connect the dots of two unrelated issues. Those still in declining industries are worried (and rightfully so) about their livelihoods. You allowed Donald Trump, who at his core cares little about the common man, to connect as if HE understood them. You called a portion of American voters deplorable, the stupidest phraseology that any candidate could ever use to describe a large portion of voters. Your campaign was deplorable. Trump conned the American public, lied through his teeth, and won. Now we have to put up with his superficial act as a leader, one which has no moral compass with ideas that change with the wind.

As anxious as I get watching the news each day, I get equally perturbed seeing you now. I really don’t want to see you, your daughter or your husband, President Clinton anymore (who by the way did you no favor in describing the Affordable Care Act as the craziest thing he ever heard). Please just stay out of sight. I offer “thanks” for the many Democrats who supported you for running the worst campaign of all time. Thanks for having others define you rather than creating a vision of where we are going.

Go away Hillary. PS–your logo stunk too. And what’s with “I’m With Her” as a theme?

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  1. Rich Riley says:

    Extraordinarily hard to believe – but I agree with almost every thing you write in this article. This election is best described as the only election in the history of American politics where each of the two candidates ran against the only candidate they could possibly beat – and Hillary did not!

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