How Am I Doing? The 100th Struming.

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Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch (1977-1989), used to ask New Yorkers “How Am I Doing” all the time during his 3 terms. His self deprecating style was refreshing to New Yorkers, particularly since he took over as their Mayor in an extraordinarily difficult time when the city had literally run out of money and had begged for federal aid, with no success (I recall the famous newspaper New York Daily News headline from October 30, 1975: Ford to New York: Drop Dead. But importantly, Mayor Koch sought feedback and New Yorkers appreciated it.

So I am asking you, as it relates to Strumings, the same question:                How am I doing?

As this is a milestone (perhaps only to me) as the 100th Struming, I’d really appreciate some feedback.  I created Strumings in December 2009, 19 months ago as an experiment. I had no idea or vision about how much I would write, or whether I’d even be good at it. I’d like to take credit for the clever blog name (I guess contributed my last name) but it actually came from 2 smart fellows, David Sonn and Dave St.Clair, who helped me create a retooled web site along with a blog, and they suggested the name, Strumings for my blog. Thanks fellas.

In writing Strumings each week, I try very hard not to fall into the hole of criticism too often as many blogs do. I have ocassionally taken a few shots; but for the most part I really do try to positively share thoughts, stories, and insights about my two major passions–marketing, primarily, and my beloved Yankees, secondarily. And I look for the intersection of these two areas as well. In fact in looking at my posts over the past 1-1/2 years, two of the most well read ones are The Yankees: The Ultimate Brand and Brian Cashman is a Good Man. Guess the Yankees are of interest to some people.

I am pleased that there are now a few hundred Strumings readers. While this is hardly a literary avalanche, it is nonetheless gratifying to have some of the Strumings content played back to me in my business and personal travels. I frankly wasn’t sure I would have any readers. But I would like to make Strumings better, so in the spirit of Mayor Koch, I ask the question, “How am I doing”

Here are the things I would welcome feedback on

1. Topic ideas 

2. Strumings length—Generally too long, short or seem OK?

3. Strumings Frequency—I have moved to publishing every Wednesday without fail (with an occasional “extra” one when the occasion warrants). Too much?

4. Do I write too much about the Yankees? (On the other hand no ned to answer that because I will disregard any suggestion of eliminating the occasional Yankees focused  Strumings)

5. Marketing suggestions on how to accelerate Strumings success. Just as I am happy to share my experience, I am very open to learning from others about ways to acclerate blog readership.

So please  send me an email, call me, message me on Facebook, comment on the box in my blog, DM me on twitter, text me, send me a LinkedIn email, or maybe even write an old fashioned letter…by the way, I think the power of a written, signed letter is underappreciated in today’s digital world—sounds like a future topic!

And most of all, thanks for reading. I truly am grateful.

BTW, Strumings  has one m, not two as others have suggested.

Strum on….

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  1. Lonny,
    I’ve been enjoying your Strumings for the last couple dozen or so posts. Some are engaging depending on topic. I skip the Yankees stuff, love the music stuff and comments on business.
    Here’s a few ideas:

  2. Lonny Strum says:

    Thanks for the feedback Larry. But I’m going to have to woo you into reading the Yankee stuff too. But I promise to keep it to a modest dose.

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