In the Court of the Mango King

final donald-trump-fired1-300x225The keeper of our country’s keys
Put shutters on the dreams.
I wait outside the pilgrim’s door
With insufficient schemes
The new king chants
the funeral march,
The Liberty Bell will ring
To summon back the Congress
To the court of the Mango King

Lyrics adapted from King Crimson

In_the_Court_of_the_Crimson_King_-_40th_Anniversary_Box_Set_-_Front_coverWhat is our country becoming? We elected a populist fraud, the Mango King, and we are now captive to his whims, taunts and constant lies. I know that lying to the American public is not a new phenomenon, nor is he the first politician to do so, but our new President brings lying to a new level. He lies about everything, large and small. Lies about things that matter and things that don’t. Taunts. Insults. Vulgar outbursts. It’s ugly and stupid. This is the President? Regarding our election, though I surely wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected President, I was not much of a fan of hers and was deeply disappointed in her campaign and lack of vision. (Go Away Hillary). But I felt her views were far more aligned with mine. But OK, she lost. Life goes on, I thought.

I am not a highly political type despite being related (mother’s first cousin) to the late NY Mayor Ed Koch. But my connection to politics ended there. My personal beliefs lean left since I feel as a country that we all have an obligation to those less fortunate. That does not make me a “bleeding heart”. It makes me human. More importantly, I do not want to “Make America White Again”, an underlying premise to the Mango King’s popularity. Diversity is what makes us great. Not homogeneity. Today’s immigrant is tomorrow’s leader.

In addition while I have no real clue how to fix our health care woes, and we all know that health care is a mega problem, the majority of Americans think the idea of covering every American is a good one. It is an idea I support and willing to spend more of my tax dollars, within reason. We conveniently forget how out of control, pre-ACA, our system was and how many millions were uninsured.

Additionally, while obviously we need to be worried about terrorism, I am just as concerned about crazy white guys with guns who kill randomly. The NRA cloaks itself in the 2nd amendment which did not state that mentally unstable people have the right to bear automatic weapons.

What worries me the most is the combination of intolerance along with a growing polarization between rich and poor, which bodes poorly for our society long term. There is a shrinking Middle Class, and this polarization is what carried the Mango King into office, with bald faced lies about restoring jobs to closed plants. And then making the same people feel that illegal aliens are “taking their jobs”. Truth of the matter we are evolving to a service economy from a manufacturing economy and that train has long since left the station. BTW, explain to me how our support for the Paris accords hurts our economy? Seems to me beyond our obligation not to trash our earth, that there is an economic boom in focus on clean energy industries that can employ many and help the economy.

Regarding Russia, just a few months ago I thought, despite the reality that they tried to meddle in the 2016 election, that the seemingly cozy relationship with our new Mango King was overblown and not such a big deal. I was wrong. It’s becoming clearer that there’s more to the story and the zeal which the administration seeks to hide, obfuscate, outright lie, and avoid the topic at all costs, makes me feel differently. Too many half-truths, and outright lies.

We have a Special Counsel for only one reason. He was appointed by this Administration—not the Dems or those mainstream media types– because the stench was too great, and because of the endless “forgotten meetings”, lies, taunts, boasts (“Comey was a nut job”), and FBI Director firing—directly caused by the Russia investigation– made it necessary. And the real investigation, which is plodding, methodical and without fanfare, is not going away. Furthermore, as it all unfolds in the coming months, I suspect that there is something deeply rotten in the King’s finances that he doesn’t wants us to see. (PS: Never forget Al Capone was ultimately jailed for tax evasion).

My hope is that we will limit the craziness in coming months, and we will painfully live through the next 3-1/2 years, and then view this period as an ugly counter correction, never to happen again. All was not right in the way we governed in the past, but I seek a return to dignity and some degree of normalcy. Though, I view myself as liberal in thought and conservative in finance, there can be a balance to these. I hope we find it as a nation.

In the meanwhile we live with our Mango King. A real 21st Century Schizoid Man.

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