It happens every spring.

rawlings_baseballIt still may be winter, and there’s still tons of snow on the ground, but with the start of baseball “spring training”, spring is officially around the corner. For the Yankees, their “core four”—Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Rivera—are back again. They now need rings for their other hand as they own 20 rings among them. (PS Yogi had 10 by himself). They have been key contributors to 5 Yankee Championships during their baseball careers—even with the 2001-2008 Championship hiatus. But a new season is upon us, and my beloved Bronx Bombers are now down in Tampa beginning their preparation for the forthcoming season. I’m excited about seeing an exhibition game in Florida in mid-March and even more excited about once again schlepping up to the Bronx 12-15 times this season to see the core four play. Obviously the “newer” Yankees are also key contributors—A-Rod, CC, AJ, Swish, Robby, etc. And there are young players, recent trades, and new hopefuls all who seek to play for the Yankees.

I hope Yankee fans (and even their detractors) appreciate the excellence of the Yankees. There is no other sports franchise who defines success in only one way— a Championship. Not “progress” or “playoffs” or even getting to the World Series. Winning a Championship is the sole definition of success, and falling short, no matter how close, is not. And the Yankees are 27-time Champions (of the 40 World Series they’ve played in).

Beyond the team greatness, there are three definite hall-of-famers on the team–Jeter, Rivera, A-Rod–and possibly several others.

Baseball is back. New season. Same goal. #28 in 2010. And I hope to be in the stands to again witness the final game of the World Series first-hand. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. Tom S. says:

    Lon, Excellent article. Thanks for being there for me last week! Tom

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