Joe (West) Must Go.

23266_126907370668741_2583_nJoe West is a horse’s ass. In fact horses take umbrage at having their butts compared to Joe West. What’s amazing is that Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig allows an umpire with an oversized ego, who thinks he is an important star, to even have a voice. Shut up and leave Joe, we are tired of your act. Truth of the matter an umpire shouldn’t have “an act” at all. Umpires should be beige wallpaper to the game of baseball— don’t stand out, do your job, and help facilitate the game whose stars are the players.

West’s arrogance is legendary, but what made him a “star” was his tirade earlier this year about the Yankees-Red Sox games, the sport’s biggest rivalry, being too long, calling the teams “pathetic and disgusting”. Can you imagine either Joe Girardi or Terry Francona calling an umpire “pathetic and disgusting” (however true in Joe West’s case). The next day they’d be fined $50,000 and suspended for a game or two—and rightfully so, because they would be denigrating the integrity of the game. But where’s Joe’s suspension? Supposedly he was “admonished” for his comments. Admonished? How about fined heavily, suspended or fired? How about the “best interests of the game” that you like to invoke Bud? The best interests of baseball will be served by seeing Joe West fade in the rear view mirror

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The latest from Joe West was from this past Wednesday. “Broadway Joe” figured he’d been too laid back recently and was losing his star power, so he picked a fight with White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle after calling two highly questionable balks and then tossed him and Manager Ozzie Guillen from the game. Ozzie, who sometimes has too much to say himself, got it right this time when he said, “Sometimes he thinks people pay to watch him umpire”. Actually I’d pay to see him fired.

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  1. Lonny says:

    Check out the following post on the Yankee message board about Joe West (no I did not write this, but his points are 100% in synch with mine) PALEH0SE wrote:

    I’m visiting all of the teams message boards over the next few days and apologize if it seems to some that I am spamming as that is not my intention; I am merely a very concerned fan trying to make other MLB fans aware of and take part in a protest against a very real problem facing the integrity of our beloved professional baseball league. Joe West has been an umpire in the Major Leagues for 32 years and it is time for him to go. During his tennure he has had one of the most inconsistant strike zones of any umpire in the League and has continually put his own ego above the GAME itself. This is an umpire that has a PUBLICIST. Yes you heard me right a man whose job description dictates that he has done his best job when you do not even notice that he is there has his own PUBLICIST. For over 100 years baseball has kept it unpublished which umpires would umpire which future series in an attempt to thwart odds makers and bookies from interfering with the game. Joe West does not care, he and his PUBLICIST post which games Joe will be working in the weeks to come. Joe frequently begs for media attention to EXPLAIN his position on things and his calls giving him a sort of political agenda and this also goes against the express wishes of MLB. He called the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees an embarrassment to baseball and then went on a media tour defending his outrageous claims. He is confrontational in his approach to both players and managers alike and is more concerned about his ego than the actual goings on in the game. Ozzie Guillen, no matter what you think of him, hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the other day that Joe West thinks people pay money to see him UMPIRE – well they don’t. He completely allowed his ego to overtake him in a recent White Sox game and his actions could easily have cost the team the game. Umpires should not decide the outcome of games, the players should. We have started a new Facebook page entitled “Joe West Must Go” you can type that in to the search box to find our group or merely follow this link –!/group.php?gid=120940314613371 – either way please come join us and help protect the integrity of MLB from a corrupt, egotistical, erratic umpire who places HIS wants and desires above those of the game I love. We have fans from all over the map on this site as the issue transcends team loyalty issues and effects us all as BASEBALL fans. Please come join us at –!/group.php?gid=120940314613371 – Individually MLB can ignore our voice, but together just maybe we can make ourselves heard.

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