Keys to Success in Business

maze with solution on white backgroundMany people think that talent and intelligence are the keys to success in business. They are really important. But alone they are insufficient for success. How many times have talented people acted like jerks and tried to succeed at others’ expense? What happens when they need help (everybody does at some time)? Will they get the support of others? Not likely. So I’d put likeability on the list too.

But beyond talent here’s an interesting list of 10 things I read recently that take NO talent. These 10 things combined with talent, intelligence and likability will send you to the head of the class. They are easy to do (but interestingly not very common). So here for your consideration are 10 things that take no talent:

1. Being On Time—This one really burns my butt when people stroll in late to a group meeting like it’s a party.

2. Work Ethic

3. Effort—This one is important. Effort alone without results is insufficient. But sometimes effort puts you on the road to success.

4. Body Language

5. Energy

6. Attitude–#s 4,5 and 6 are all related. Body language and attitude are critical. In meetings body language communicates far more than spoken words.

7. Passion

8. Being Coachable

9. Doing Extra

10. Being Prepared- “Oh I forgot to bring the essential document”. “Yeah I forgot to send you your paycheck this week”

And by the way, put down your cell phone during meetings.

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  1. richard hammond says:

    I have this list posted in my office. All amazingly simple tasks that require no talent.

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