Lying On Social Media

pantsonfireLiar, liar, pants on fire, so the saying goes. Well if that’s the case, as it relates to social media the majority of us need a pants extinguisher. Worse yet, when we fib on social media, we sometimes begin to believe our own BS.

OK. We don’t outright lie all the time. We just selectively tell the world the good stuff and nice photos and leave out the bad stuff and unflattering photos. A little vanity and editing of our life story isn’t fibbing, is it?

Well, take a look at this video and tell me it doesn’t have at least a little ring of truth to it. It’s terrific. You’ll enjoy it.

Worse than fibbing, when we tell half-truths we actually begin to fool ourselves, through something called “digital amnesia” so basically we start to really believe our own crap, according to a recent study by Pencourage, an anonymous online journal.

The survey said that 68% of social media users surveyed admit that they “embellish, exaggerate or outright lie when documenting events on social media” in order to make their lives seem more interesting and generally better than they really are (and the other 32% are liars—that’s my comment, not the survey’s) . Furthermore about ½ of respondents said they feel sad and shame when they can’t live up to their online exaggeration. And here’s something really troubling: About 10% of the survey’s respondents admitted they were no longer sure what actually really happened in events they described on social media.

A different survey of U.S. teens and young adults conducted by Harris Interactive found that 69% of respondents felt their friends weren’t being true to themselves most of the time on social media, and 57% wished their friends would be themselves more. At the same time 40% of respondents said they feel like they can’t be themselves online either.

So the bottom line is please, keep it real on social media and don’t start to believe your own stories.

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