Marketing Ch-ch-ch-changes in 2012

The pace of change in technology and the marketing world is stupefying. I find many Strumings I write are sometimes dated in just a few weeks. That’s not a negative reflection on my writing (modest in quality though it may be), but merely a statement about how fast the world changes. A couple examples were blog posts from earlier this year about “forthcoming” shared data plans by Verizon/AT&T and another about forthcoming mini-tablets. They now have all “forthcome”

Other posts however about macro changing trends have a bit longer shelf life.  Therefore, given that 2012 will soon be coming to an end (if the world doesn’t end of Friday), I thought it might be helpful to recap and share again some of the marketing trend Strumings from 2012 about the changing marketing environment.

1. The Mobile Internet User

They are young, affluent and they are living in a post PC world. Sure they use their laptops on occasion. But they access info on the spot as they travel. They are the future.

2. The Digital Divide…or not.

It has been discussed that the digital gap between affluent and less affluent homes is widening. This is supported by in-home online/broadband penetration. However….. smartphone penetration trends are diametrically opposed. As an increasingly mobile nation, we marketers are quickly rethinking our paradigm about consumer access information. They do it on the spot with their handheld devices.

3. American Demographics

Politicians found out what marketers have long since known. We are a diverse nation, becoming “diverser” daily.

4. Single Person Households

This is an ongoing trend which rolls on. However it is one which continues to have big marketing implications for goods and services targeted to those with limited time.

5. Americans are Staying Put

This Struming examined the diminished wanderlust for the American public, which has largely hunkered down in their current living quarters. Are we becoming a squatter nation?

6. Facebook IPO and stock price plummet

This one changes daily, but those who jumped in at the initial price of $38 are not happy campers. Despite a rebound from the low point of $18 a share, the stock price is now hovering in the mid $20s. Each expiring “lockup” period sets the stock price back a notch as more shares are sold off by initial insiders who are taking their chips off the table. No one questions the power of Facebook, but the disappointing stock price has tarnished their halo. And it’s tougher to grow when you already have 1 Billion users.

The marketing world keeps changing. That’s what fascinates me. I’d be curious to hear anyone’s take on macro marketing issues from 2012. Happy Holidays.

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