Next Chapter.

21 Oak ridge drWe recently moved from our home of 27 years in Voorhees, NJ shown here. This is hardly a world shaking event. And while it was surely time to leave, change is hard. In fact, it was harder than I thought.

Many people like change–that’s cool. They move across the country often, and even abroad. God bless them. On the other hand, I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life. I thought moving to South Jersey in 1989 was a big move coming from North Jersey and it was—same state, different universe. Far too many Eagles fans. I know my own strengths and weaknesses well—I know am change adverse. As a planner, I can manage change well but I still don’t like it. I enjoyed the daily routines of my life in Voorhees, NJ. Proximity to places I enjoyed –The Bagel Bin (where I’ve eaten far too many hot bagels but have no regrets doing so), the local deli, the Jewish Community Center, etc. Though we have moved a mere 12 miles away to a smaller space, a very nice townhouse in nearby Moorestown, NJ the patterns of our daily life will now change. Obviously I will cope and hopefully flourish.

Carolyn & CarlMore importantly, the home where our children, Carolyn and Carl, grew up is no longer ours. I am far more melancholy about it than I had thought I would be. A big part of our life was spent in this home, and that chapter has now ended. Our children are now working in New York City (who says parents don’t have influence) and no longer live at home. While it was nice to have the extra rooms for the children in our home, the new townhouse will also provide smaller, yet ample, space. But it won’t be the same. Our kids will surely come often for a “visit”, but not to their childhood home.

In moving, we briefly considered a 50+ community, at least my wife Beth did. Truthfully my consideration lasted shorter than the time to write this post. I don’t like segregated communities of seniors (yes I know I am way over 50+). In any case, the integration of young/old makes more sense to me and I am happy to be living in a community with children schools etc. and glad to pay a few shekels more for doing so. I think one of the reasons I don’t like 50+ communities is that by definition they force me to reflect on my age. My body is aging, but my brain and attitudes about life reflect those of someone younger. I am proud of that. Nonetheless, the move forces me to reflect on aging and the reality that I have far more years behind me than ahead of me. Then again, our two major party Presidential candidates are far older. Separately, I believe the Presidency is not a job for people in their 70s and think there should be age limits.

26 palmerSo our next chapter has begun in Moorestown in our townhouse shown here, and I hope it will be a good one for us.

One thing I do know for sure. When driving back from Yankee Stadium from night games, my drive will now be 20 minutes shorter.

Maybe change isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. Mark Samuels says:

    Contemplating the same “passage”. Appreciated your thoughts and perspective (save the football reference). Good luck with this leg of it.

    Go Eagles!

  2. Phyllis Levy says:

    Hey Lonnie – here I live, across the street, and just found out you moved! All the best – let’s have a Starbucks catch-up soon! (Which Starbucks now?)

    • Lonny Strum says:

      Finally sold house. Sorry we’ve been preoccupied. Moved to Moorestown about 2 miles from Costco/Wegmans. Go Giants.

  3. Phyllis Levy says:

    Oh and ditto to Mark – Go Eagles!

  4. Larry Wexler says:

    Hey Lonny:
    Been there, done that. Not easy. We spent 19 years on two acres in Valley Forge and eventually worked our way to a townhouse in Charleston, SC. Yes, change can be difficult. Last night I peed in a hall closet where our bathroom used to be. ;)
    (I am more than a few years older than you.)
    We have a single “A” team here affiliated with the Yankees. So, at least, I get to wear my Yankees gear to the one place around here where I don’t worry about being strung up. Despite the lack of a great bagel, Charleston is a wonderful place to live. But, alas, for a native New Yorker (Brooklynite to be exact), it’s on the boring side so I’m starting up a freelance writing business, WriteBrothersUSA.Com. My digital media mogul daughter Wendy, (Octo Design Group, 836 South St, Phila) is doing my website. Got any advice for me? I also own the domain: Give me a call: 843-870-0707 (I do miss 215, 610 and 212). Love your blog. Larry

    • Lonny says:

      In order to be a credible writer you need to write (duh). A blog is a good vehicle and would recommend you starting one. Happy to chat and glad to give you tips.

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