Not Happening in 2016

New_York_Yankees_-_Logo__95753.1327203245.1280.1280As Strumings readers know, I am a die-hard Yankees fan. I’ve been a fan since 1960 which means I’ve seen my team play in 15 World Series and win 8 of them, more than any other franchise during this period. They are the winning-est team in sports.

For younger fans who starting watching the Yankees in the mid 90s, they’ve know only winning seasons every year since then. From 1995-2012 they’ve seen their team in the playoffs every year (with the sole exception of 2008). Even the last 3 years each of those weaker Yankees teams had winning records with a (very) brief playoff performance as a wild card last year.

There will be no hope in August and September this year. The Yankees recently finished the mathematical first half of 81 games played with a 40-41 record. This Yankees team is too old with not enough talent to compete at a high level. They may win enough to sustain interest for a few more weeks and maybe even finish .500 team at year end (though I doubt it). But I am also a realist and old enough to have seen really weak Yankees teams in the late 60s and early 90s

These Yankees are:
1. Too old –A Rod, Tex , CC are running on fumes. Beltran had an excellent first half but he’s a visit to the DL waiting to happen.
2. Too slow (comes with age)
3. Their starters are too inconsistent
4. Their hitting is weak

Other than those flaws, they are terrific. There are some bright spots. The back end of their bullpen is other worldly. Didi has been terrific. Beltran has re-awoken and Castro is a major upgrade at second. But that’s it, and it’s not enough.

So to Lonn Trost and Randy Levine I say, it’s OK to say this team just doesn’t have it. Trade some assets (a reliever) and Beltran when they have value. Get some prospects. Bring up Judge and bring back Severino and let’s start building for the future.

There will be lots of empty seats in September–such is life for a non-contender, so it’s time to suck it up and reset the foundation for future Championships. It can (and hopefully will) happen.

They are the Yankees, a franchise that stands above all others. Respect their past greatness as all Yankees fans do and build a bright future. I will stick with you—not to worry. Future greatness is straight ahead.

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  1. John Most says:

    Sad to say, but these Steinbrenners are not their dad. Not willing to spend or invest. We are doomed to watch mediocrity as long as they own the club.

    So tired of watching “average” at best.

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