September: A Month of Change

481329356While summer does not officially end until September 22, when Labor Day rolls around each year. the summer as we know it ends as:

1. Colleges are in session

2. On a local level, children go back to school and their activities begin.

3. Summer rentals at the Jersey Shore have mostly ended.

4. Mornings are a little cooler.

5. Leaves starts to fall.

One of the things that’s nicest about September and even October is that while there are still warm days, there are also cooler nights. We are fortunate to have a place at the Jersey Shore (Belmar) so there still may be a few weekends left this year. But the warm days usually fade by October. On the other hand October has often represented a time of hope (and a World Championship) for Yankees fans, though it’s unlikely they’ll be playing October baseball this year. Nonetheless there is much hope for the future (Baseball’s Circle of Life).

On a personal basis October was when we moved to our home in Southern NJ 27 years ago in 1989 when I was a young stud ad exec/President of the largest ad agency in Philly. I am no longer as young, a stud (really never was), and the ad agency no longer exists. I am far wiser, but also far more humble than I was. Comes with age, and real life experience.

We moved to Southern NJ in October 1989 I clearly remember moving to a new home in suburban Voorhees, NJ, which at the time had many single lane roads, undeveloped land and the right mix of retail and open areas. 27 years later our home is still very nice, but obviously no longer new. However the area is no longer as rural, and there is now significant retail nearby. It has been wonderful to be able to get a terrific pastrami sandwich within a mile.

houseBut as seasons change so will our lives since we will be leaving our home by the end of October and moving to a nice smaller townhouse in a nearby town. Our children are now working in New York City and their bedrooms are now vacant, so it’s time to go. A couple with young children will own our home when October goes.

I am not big on change in general, but September sets the stage for the change ahead, and I am looking forward to it. Nothing stays the same forever.

Even my Yankees don’t make the playoffs every year, though I am hoping for a new era of Yankees greatness straight ahead. The players may change but as they say, I root for the laundry. No better laundry than pinstripes.

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  1. Rich Riley says:

    Excellent blog that captures the essence of change in a powerful way

  2. Barry says:

    Lovely letter. It allows me to think of the changes I’m currently encountering g and our own upcoming move from South Jersey. We are also NYC transplants who enjoyed the area. Live moves on and we move on with life.

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