Sharp Tongue, Dull Results.

guvI realize that I risk losing Strumings readers when I express my political views. I have tried hard to shy away from these topics in the past. Those of you who know me know that I am conservative in finance (ok, cheap is another way to say it), but liberal in thought. But I rarely use Strumings as a vehicle for political thought. This post is an exception.

Though I did not vote for him, initially Governor Christie’s “everyman” persona was appealing and helped his popularity. He was seen as the sharp tongued fat guy that was going to clean up the mess in the state. As a life-long time NJ resident, I wanted him to be successful.

GuvandJerryUnfortunately, now he’s merely the sharp tongued fat guy who’s done little to help the state, is a pathetic wanna-be celebrity and is an embarrassment to New Jersey. Moreover he’s doing a world class crappy job as Governor. I love New Jersey and am pained that he is the symbol of the state to the eyes of the nation.

In fairness, his job is not an easy one. He inherited a pile of feces. He got a pass for his first term, as should every politician who inherits big problems. Our budget was a mess, unemployment was high, our state pension system was woefully underfunded, and real estate taxes were out of control. He pledged to fix these issues. It’s now 5+ years and we’re going backward.

Our unemployment rate exceeds the national averages, our pension system is still a mess, real estate taxes are increasing at a rate in excess of the “fixed cap” of 2% he pledged, the foreclosure rate leads the nation, and the credit rating of the state is deservedly among the poorest in the nation. Under Christie it has been downgraded more than any prior governor. Furthermore, our Guv thinks he can call those who disagree with him “stupid” and that’s OK. It’s not OK, Guv. It’s petty, classless and shows you as the “little” man that you are.

Guv, your bully act is wearing thin in New Jersey. According to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released recently shows that just 37 percent of New Jersey voters still have a favorable impression of him. Additionally he’s even losing the support of his own party in NJ. Where’s our Guv these days? Traveling the world trying to look “presidential” (good luck on that one) while at the same time trying to mesmerize the voters in Iowa that he’d be a great President. (Or are his 11 trips there on NJ’s dime an attempt to build trade relations with Iowa?). I give him this much. Christie is no dummie. Though he spends far too little time governing New Jersey, a job and a half for anyone, he adamantly says that will not resign during his Presidential bid. He knows well that his 15 minutes of fame may soon be up and he’ll soon be a former wanna be Presidential candidate when he realizes that he has zippo chance of getting his party’s nomination. That day is coming soon.

Lastly, regarding the Governor’s weight, I surely understand the difficulty of weight control. It’s a lifelong struggle and I too have weight issues. I understand the depth of the issue. But his morbid obesity is far more than a personal health issue. It’s a symptom of an underlying personal weakness and lack of self-control that manifests itself in his desire to be loved by celebrities and his crude behavior to those he deems inferior.

In short, he’s a bad guy. But more importantly he’s a bad Governor in a time when we need leadership. I’ll be glad when he’s history.

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