Strumings in a Coronavirus World

1200706447I try to keep Strumings light, easy to read, informational, and enjoyable for those who choose to consume. With that objective, I am unsure how to write Strumings going forward. In a different time no doubt my next Struming would have been focused on my beloved Yankees and opening day on March 26 (since cancelled) and why their next World Championship could be straight ahead. But there’s a real chance there won’t be any baseball this year at all, or at best a half season.

It seems superficial to write about anything not serious in a very serious time. So, here’s a dose of reality—I am scared.

I am scared for my family, friends, and I am scared for myself. We are all in the same boat. My boat has additional issues as well. But we all have “stuff” we have to handle. Please remember in everyone’s home we all have issues beyond the virus. Be kind to all. But the virus is omnipresent and it washes over everything and everyone.

I am not sure how often I will publish Strumings in the future. I had proudly claimed on the recent 10th anniversary of Strumings that I had never missed a week since it launched in 2009. I had kept a commitment to myself. In truth it wasn’t hard. That’s no longer the case as I’ve now missed publishing last week and an earlier week in March. While I surely have time to continue to crank out soft 400-500 word ramblings on my thoughts about marketing, business, life and my Yankees, I am not 100% sure how to continue. And I no longer feel beholden to a self-imposed weekly schedule. But I will publish as I choose going forward, albeit with a little less frequency. I will also lighten up on monthly eblasts to the larger database. Truth is I think I may have been too frequent anyhow, so I will lighten the frequency here too.

I do wish everyone good health and patience in handling the new reality we all face–patience is never a quality I had in abundance, but I need it more than ever.

Be safe. Be well.

BTW—If/when baseball does resume, the Yankees will rock.

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  1. Joe McLaughlin says:

    Lonny…you rock!! Have always loved Strummings and your self reflections and will look forward to it whenever you can get back to it. You’re the best! Love you. Joe

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