Teamwork Really Matters–”We Got a Ring”


The Giants have a ring. Actually the organization is among a small group of franchises with 4+ championships in the Super Bowl era.

We’ve all heard the clichés:

“We win as a team, we lose as a team”

“There’s no i in team”

I rarely listen to them. They seem like hollow expressions of unity. Most times they are. But there are occasionally examples of teams that catch fire and bring the clichés to life.

The New York Giants are such a team.

According to the Journal of Management, teamwork is defined as:

Teamwork is action performed by a team towards a common goal. A team consists of more than one person, each of whom typically has different responsibilities. A team also includes seven common elements:

1. common purpose

2. interdependence

3. clarity or roles and contribution

4. satisfaction from mutual working

5. mutual and individual accountability

6. realization of synergies

7. empowerment

Lest I be criticized for revisionist history, the Giants were an average team through their first 14 games. As Bill Parcells has said, “You are what the record says you are”. The Giants were 7-7, the definition of average. (By the way, why was Parcells not voted into the Football HOF yet?) There were rumblings of disunity. The long-time coach Tom Coughlin was supposedly on the “hot seat” and another loss could have blown the team apart.

Then they came to life. The dominoes fell, 6 in a row. The “playoffs” began 2 games early for the Giants because any loss would have ended their season.

They fell each time, Jets, Cowboys, Falcons, Packers, Niners, and this past Sunday the Patriots. All close games except the Falcons. All games where the Giants were victorious based on big plays, poise. The collective regular season record of the 4 playoff teams they defeated was 51-13, so the accomplishment was even greater.

The teamwork was at all levels of the organization including the front office, which was heavily criticized in the off season for key player losses and seemingly few talent acquisitions. They have reason to be proud.

The Giants are a long time NFL franchise with ownership from the Mara family throughout their history. The franchise has had ups and downs but it values continuity and teamwork.

In an era of bombast, overblown claims by players, owners and front office personnel of “dream team, “gold standard” and hollow promises of Super Bowl Championships, the Giants deliver.

Just results. NY Giants. Super Bowl Champions.

PS The photo in this post, of the Cruz and Strahan salsa at City Hall,  was taken by Carolyn Strum, crack WFAN promotions assistant. She has another photo on the Giants web site. Carolyn “worked” the parade and Met Life Stadium event for WFAN as her final WFAN event and begins a new adventure as a paid full time intern at the MLB Fan Cave later this month. Go Carolyn.

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