The Case for a Three (or Four) Party System

VoteWe are still weeks away from the Democratic and Republican Conventions, but as always the process has now whittled the field into the two “presumptive nominees”, in this case Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Though I have a strong political point of view, this Struming is not meant to make a case for either but to point out the reality that both of these candidates have significant “baggage” and dislikablity, making the choice of either less than inspiring.

However our 2-party system makes the candidacy of independents or those running on an obscure party difficult. Has there ever been an independent candidate with any chance of winning? For a while until he started acting bizarre, Ross Perot was one in 1992 when he won 19% of the vote. Before that Teddy Roosevelt ran as a credible third party candidate in 1912.

But what if there were 4 viable candidates instead of 2 in this year’s general election?

Trump for the Republicans
Cruz for the Tea Party
Clinton for the Democrats
Sanders for the Progressive Party

What an interesting election that would make. I submit that none of these candidates would have more than 30-35% of the popular vote and that would make the races in all 50 states much more meaningful.

The current electoral college system (which by the way is antiquated and no longer serves the needs of the American public) would at least be far more interesting as you wouldn’t start an election knowing that votes in our biggest states—New York and California—really don’t matter since they will be won by a Democrat. It also turns “automatic red states” into toss ups as well.

Furthermore, the establishment of an additional party or two could yield Senators and Congressmen from these parties as well. Doing so would change the dynamics of the stalemate tug of war on key issues between the Democrats and Republicans. We all would benefit from a process that forces coalitions and compromise on key issues rather than a stalemate that currently exists.

Yes, I am politically naive to think this could really happen, and the timing is such that it is getting too late for third party candidates to get on ballots in some states. However, if either Cruz and/or Sanders jumped into the race as an independent, the door could be open to other candidates as well. This could be a healthy thing for our country. In virtually every aspect of America life, change is the status quo. Why can’t the same apply to politics?

Time for some “New Rules”.

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