The Digital Deal Deluge

Last Friday’s Living Social Deal of the Day was:

5 Big Macs + 5 Large Fries



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Hungry? Alas it’s now too late to take advantage of this super-sized deal. However, Living Social says that 291,676 people bought this deal. God knows I have nothing against fast food, but do we really need the 5 Big Mac/5 Fries deal? Guess I understand why our waistlines are increasing.  Perhaps they should have called this deal Really Supersize Me.

In this spirit  this Wedneday’s Struming is about the “deluge of the digital deal”. I love a deal. Those who know me would say I’m frugal (perhaps some would call me a cheapskate). I have 12 promotional cards in my wallet—Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, the local car wash, Game Stop, CVS, Panera Bread, Office Depot, Modell’s, Finish Line as well as Marriott, Hyatt and USAirways cards. It’s no wonder my rear left pocket, which holds my wallet,  protrudes. I am clearly a first-hand student of promotional marketing. Nothing better than being a consumer and having a front row seat to the marketing efforts of others to gain an understanding of their strategies.

Last year I was excited when Groupon first appeared. Living Social as well. Whoa, how cool. High value deals sent directly to me so I can nab the ones which made sense to me.

But something happened along the way. I am now overwhelmed and annoyed. The deals don’t stop. There appears to be no pattern, strategy and little targeting of the deals. Last Friday Dec 2, Living Social hit a new low and McDonald’s helped them get there. 5 Big Macs and 5 Fries for $13. Such a deal!  How glutinous have we become?

In this same email were several irrelevant deals including, among others:

1. One-Year Subscription to Us Weekly Magazine

2. Custom-Embroidered Stocking

3. Two Rain-X Package External Car Washes in Delaware

4. Intro to Rock Climbing Package in western Philadelphia burbs

5. Three-Hour Acting Workshop

6. Glamour Photo Shoot

7. Pediatric Dental Exam, X-Ray, and Cleaning

8. 90-Minute Fused Glass Class with Supplies

 9. Five Eco-Friendly Designer Bags

10. Two-Hour Boudoir Photo Shoot

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Riddle me this? What in the world are these offers about and what possible relevance do they have to me? Most have no appeal and are for goods and services 50 or more miles from where I live. I thought the concept of these deals were to deliver high value offers relevant to subscribers  in geographic proximity to the user. Alas they are now killing the golden goose.

It takes a lot to over-promote to a guy with 12 promotion cards in his wallet. Congrats to Living Social. They’ve succeeded. Way to take a good idea and turn it into spam.

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