The Latest Findings In Social Media Usage

iStock_000040943702_SmallNothing stays the same for long in the social world. Platforms rise, mature, some even fall. User demos change and new technologies change the game constantly.

Fortunately Pew Research Center has been tracking usage for several years, and their latest report is out, and it’s called Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015. The survey was conducted nationally in March-April 2015. As always the findings are interesting, particularly as compared to previous periods:

social platforms1. Facebook and Twitter penetration have flat lined. Not such a big deal for Facebook with 72% penetration of online adults. But this is a bigger deal for Twitter usage which is flat at 23%.

2. Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow and have effectively doubled in 3 years. Instagram is a very “sticky” (and becoming stickier) platform as 59% of users are now using it daily compared to 49% a year ago.

3. LinkedIn penetration has also plateaued at 25% penetration but it is still the business platform for the employed, college grad with $75k annual income

social messaging4. Messaging apps (like WhatsApp, Kik or iMessage) are growing quickly with 36% of Smartphone users using a messaging app. They are very popular among 18-29 demo with roughly ½ using

5. Auto-delete apps (such as Snapchat or Wickr) are becoming more popular with 17% of smartphone users using one. Again the 18-29 year old demo are heavier users (41%). PS: Note to users: Nothing is really gone if a screen shot can capture it.

The implications for marketers are simple:

1. Social is real and important as a marketing tool. This is hardly news. 83% of marketers say that social is important to their business according to HubSpot, even if they still struggle with measurement.

2. The past is not a predictor of the future. Things change. Don’t assume that things that worked in the past will continue to do so.

3. The platform(s) that are best for your brand or service depend on the nature of the business, the demos of your product/service and how they interact with social media.

Nothing stays the same for long. That’s what makes it fun.

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