The Marriage of TV and Social

508127582Facebook is now 10 years old and social media is hardly a “new phenomena” any longer. In fact it changes constantly and Snapchat is the platform du jour. Be that as it may, one of the real breakthroughs in the past 10 years is the marriage of TV and social.

TV viewing is in fact the time most of us (old and young) jump on a social network while watching TV. A few years ago they were largely interconnected activities, but not any longer.

The real-time interactivity of TV and social, particularly of live TV makes the viewing experience more powerful. Being part of a live conversation is stimulating. At the same time, social engagement metrics allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

Interestingly there’s a powerful correlation between twitter and TV viewing based on recent Nielsen research. According to Nielsen, tweets can cause viewership 29% of the time! That’s social media causing viewership. Obviously it works the other way around where viewership causes Twitter chatter almost ½ of the time (48%).

TV causes buzz. In the “old days” the impact lagged the event. The water cooler talk at the workplace was a delayed barometer. In today’s world social media is the megaphone that creates a “mega water cooler” effect of comments.

Top-10-SeriesThink you know the programming with the highest level of tweets? You probably don’t. As the chart indicates based on the average tweets per episode during September 2015-May 2106, The Walking Dead (AMC), Empire (FOX), Game of Thrones (HBO) and the Bachelor (ABC) had the highest amount of tweets by far. Clearly the viewer connection to the programming is incredibly strong for these programs. And mega programming like the Super Bowl and Oscars always gain the most hashtag use.

So what does all this mean? As an advertiser it makes sense to think about the engagement of the programming and connection of your brand to the programming. And more than ever the consumer “votes” instantaneously about the quality of your advertising.

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