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I started writing Strumings 3-1/2 years ago in late 2009. David Sonn (Arc Intermedia) and Dave St. Clair (DSC21 Design), two smart and very capable digital pros, helped me launch the new site and the Strumings blog. They gave me great advice—as they do for all their clients. First of all,  I thank them (and my dad) for the Strumings name and design for my blog. But they also reinforced to me that publishing a blog was not merely about technology. Obviously there are TONS of blogs and the world does not need more blogs or ramblings (or rantings) from self-important authors. They reinforced to me an important aspect– that it’s about the quality of the content, (stupid) They were kind enough to leave out the stupid part. Interestingly, while this week’s Struming actually celebrates quantity as I have now published #200 in the Strumings series, I thought it timely to look back at the Top 10 as determined by Strumings readers.

Strumings is a marketing and business focused blog, but I stray from time to time into music, film and my beloved Yankees. I appreciate that Strumings readers, a large portion of which are Philadelphia area based, respect my personal passion for 27-time World Champions despite the fact that many do not share my passion. Interestingly no Yankees focused posts are in Strumings subscribers top 10 of readership, so I doubly appreciate their patience.

Struming subscribers are a “discriminating” crew who choose to read my ramblings each Wednesday and who actually seek my thoughts through their subscription. I thank each of you for your interest. Aside from the Yankees, your interests are mine and I hope to continue to provide content that is worthy of a minute or two of your time each Wednesday.

Therefore,  in reverse order, here are the crème de la crème, the top 10 Strumings according to you, the discriminating Struming subscribers.

10. The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time

Strumings readers seemed to like my top songs and worst songs and albums lists (or at least were incredulous about the picks). But I got less grief and more attaboys from this early 2013 Struming of the top 10 Worst Songs as all the songs were truly bad. Do you agree?

9. Lessons from LinkedIn

I’ve written about LinkedIn several times but this Struming from Spring of 2012 coincided with a trip to LinkedIn California headquarters and a meeting with LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, a smart fellow. I believe in LinkedIn as an incredibly powerful tool. Smart professionals in all industries understand this.

8. Teamwork Really Matters—“We Got a Ring”

While there were no Yankees Strumings in the top 10, a Struming about the NY football Giants snuck in at #8 following the Giants February 2012 Super Bowl win vs. the New England Patriots, their 4th Super Bowl Championship. These Giants were a great team that exemplified teamwork at the highest level, and rose to the occasion. Go Giants.

7. Do You Have Klout?

Klout is a little bogus, but everyone who is into social media wants to see where they stand and Klout purports to measure one’s social media influence. It is an interesting tool.

6. Smartphone: The Breakout Product of 2011

2011 was the tipping point where new phones sales began to tip in favor of smartphones and away from basic cell phones. Just two years later virtually all new phones sold are smartphones and the majority of cell phone users now have a smartphone.

5. Didn’t You See My Email?

I must have hit a chord with this one. Got lots of feedback. Has digital communications virtually replaced , the  human voice, “snail mail”or forbid, face-to-face interaction? Hope not.

4. The College Visit

I loved the trips I took with our son, Carl, in 2011-2012 to 14 prospective Universities. I think I liked it more than he did, and one of my favorite parts was seeing Jackass 3D in a trip to University of Maryland, a true higher educational/academic father-son bonding experience. BTW, Carl is attending U Conn—loves it, he made a wise choice.

3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I take little credit for the popularity of this Struming as it was written just after Covey’s passing in 2012. His 7 Habits are powerful and live beyond his passing.

2. The Changing U.S. Population

The changing demographics of the U.S. is a fascinating topic and one which politicians now more fully appreciate.

1. Social Media, Search and SEO are Seamlessly Married

Obviously the marketing folk who are Strumings readers like this topic. They recognize the convergence of marketing initiatives and their interrelation. More on this topic in Strumings to come.

Thanks to all for encouragement, feedback, and ideas. Strum on…………

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