The Top 5 Strumings of 2013

five-hand-imageI enjoy writing Strumings and I hope readers enjoy them as well. I started  publishing Strumings in December 2009 so I recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of my marketing ramblings, aka Strumings. Readers know that I publish each Wednesday so simple math indicates that I’ve now published 200+ Strumings.

I am asked often “how do you decide what topics to write about?”. Honestly I don’t a bout the topics too deeply. I focus primarily on marketing/business topics, though I sometimes stray to music and sports. I just think about things of interest in these areas and the topics are endless, and my hope is that they are interesting to readers. But I get a “report card” which are the analytics which show me the readership of each post, which today’s Struming is based on.

Today’s  Struming is a bit different than others as it recaps the top Strumings in 2013, determined by readership. No personal bias here and alas no Yankees Strumings made the list, though the Struming on the Mariano Rivera Bobble head fiasco was “bubbling under” the top list.

So in reverse order here are the top 5 Strumings of 2013, determined by you:

#5 Do Your Employees Hate You?

Guess I struck a nerve with that one

#4 Ten Worst Songs of All Time

Selecting music is a tough task. Everyone is a critic. That’s cool. I merely want to start the conversation

#3 The Latest in Social Media Demos

This is an ongoing topic in the ever changing world of social media

#2 Five Qualities of Leadership

Strumings readers seemed to really enjoy leadership thoughts.

#1 The Convergence of Media

It’s obvious (at least to me) that the worlds of paid, earned and owned media are merging. Marketers are fascinated by this topic and are constantly trying to figure out what this means for them.

Thanks always for your interest and feedback. My best for a happy and healthy 2014.

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