The Yankee Yutes

NY-Yankees-LogoFrancisco Cervelli, Brett Gardner, and Phil Hughes, the “Yankees Yutes”, are just 24, 26, and 23 years old respectively (BTW Robby Cano is just 27). I had modest expectations for Cervelli, Gardner and Hughes this year. Cervelli was to have been a little used back up catcher. Garner a platooned left fielder and Phil Hughes, the 5th starter (maybe).

So just past the “quarter pole” of the season how are they doing? Cervelli is now the everyday catcher hitting .340 (and over .500 with RISP—PS if you need a definition of what RISP perhaps you can skip this post) and he’s catching well too. Jorge may morph into a DH/part time catcher when he returns. With Curtis Granderson still on the mend,  Gardner plays center every day and is hitting around .300 with 17 stolen bases (Saw Gardner get 3 infield hits a in one game a few weeks back—probably the same # of infield hits that Jason Giambi has in his career). And Phil Hughes is 5-1 with a 2.7 ERA.

The Yankees have flaws. Injuries/age are an issue. Mo has been a little shaky, though as I write this he has just saved both games the Yankees played today vs. the Twins for his 9th and 10th saves. Tex is still not hitting, A Rod’s power is modest to date and even Jeter is only hitting around 275. The “Core Four” may not last forever, but they still have some tread.

But god bless the “Yankee Yutes”. The Yankees are a team in transition, but with the same goals as in every season—winning a World Championship. I believe they’ll win again this year. Perhaps that’s a just an optimistic fan talking. But the “yutes” combined with veterans give me hope that October (and early November) may be magical again. And I intend to be at the Stadium for the Series clincher again.

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  1. Lonny says:

    OK, I missed Joba as one of the “yutes”. Seems like he’s a vet but he’s only 24. He’s OK as a reliever again, though I would love him to capture the magic he had in 2007 again.

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