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n525621489_2982631_310927Strumings is my opportunity to share my thoughts about marketing and occassionally about sports. I didn’t envision guest “Strummers” when I created this blog. Today I’ll make an exception for a Struming from my daughter, Carolyn. She has the right pedigree and, more importantly, she’s as knowledgeable about sports in general, and particularly about baseball, as any sports junkie.  Here are her thoughts from her blog, Ladies Love Sports 2, about AL umpire Joe West.

No, Joe West, YOU are pathetic and embarrassing.

Yes, take it all in.. the smell of baseball is in the air.  A lovely start to the season, with the Yanks taking the series from the Sox 2/3, each game packed with great hitting, great pitching, and lots of excitement.   However, Joe West thinks that the excitement is too long.

As a longtime major league umpire, West thinks that the AL East’s 2 big teams, arguably the best two teams in baseball, are “the two clubs that don’t try to pick up the pace” and therefore are a “disgrace to baseball.”  A DISGRACE TO BASEBALL?  SERIOUSLY?!   There might be a reason that these games are so long:  when the two best teams in the majors face each other in the most heated rivalry of all sports, perhaps the level of competition surpasses any other game, and therefore may take more time????  Yes, I think so.

Calling these two teams “pathetic and embarrassing” for playing long games is utterly RIDICULOUS.  Yanks/Sox games are the very best, most exciting games in baseball.  They can fight it out as long as it takes, and Joe West can go cry about it.   :)

Wise words from the great Mariano Rivera:
“It’s incredible. If he has places to go, let him do something else. What does he want us to do, swing at balls?”

Well said, girlie.

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