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grass-mat-01Strumings is my opportunity to share thoughts about marketing, business, and occasionally about my favorite sports team, the 27-time World Champion New York Yankees.

As a business and marketing consultant, and former ad agency owner, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies from the largest multinational Fortune 100 companies to small start ups. I’ve seen business brilliance and idiocy. Lest I just criticize others, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve made many mistakes myself and have learned a ton over the years, more from failures than successes. Early in my career at BBDO/New York, I worked for a tough executive, the late Bob Ellis. He was smart, driven, and no nonsense. I respected him and was terrified of him. I prepared for meetings with him like he was the client. He helped make me focus and understand business, not just advertising. I wanted to impress him and demonstrate I was a young executive worthy of future promotion. But I was cocky. On one occasion when I was particularly full of myself, while drilling me a new a–hole, he screamed at me, “Strum, you don’t know what you don’t know”. I was crestfallen, humbled and angry. Of course he was 100% correct (though in my youth, I questioned his poor judgment). But over time, having grown as a business exec and as a person, having run companies with successes and failures, I’ve come to realize that in business, and in life, it is not really about knowing everything yourself anyhow. No one is that smart, and certainly not me. It’s merely about “knowing what you don’t know” and then having the vision and wisdom of finding the resource or person who does. And then having the self confidence to accept their ideas and build on their wisdom.

Strumings is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, opinions and wisdom about some of the things I do know, so perhaps you can build on it too. It’s not intended to be the all-encompassing fountain of marketing wisdom, but merely perspectives which you can accept, reject, question and think about in your journey to “know what you don’t know”. Your thoughts and comments are deeply appreciated. And I hope to learn from you as I hope you do from me.

Thanks for listening. More to come. Go Yankees.

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