What Is The Truth?

505750350The thing that concerns me most about our new Administration is that it is not telling us the truth in almost every instance, large and small. Whether I agree or disagree with the underlying philosophies of our new Administration is irrelevant. I merely want to know that what is being told to me is legit. The bottom line is that, to date, this administration has not earned my trust or the trust of a growing number of Americans. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue; it’s an American issue of integrity.

Truth overtakes bombast in the long run. You can fool me in the short term but not forever. We will give you a mulligan on election bombast—elections have a way of bringing out the worst in all candidates, but the election is over now. Just serve it up straight from here.

The Republicans hold a majority in the House, Senate and now hold the White House. As a result we expect more conservative legislation and programs. That’s how it goes. I may disagree with some of the ideas, but I am OK with that. But I just don’t want to be lied to. This is not the first Administration to lie to the American public, but the volume of lies in such a short period of time is overwhelming. Lies about things that don’t matter and those that do. Here are just a few things I would like to see:

1. If the ACA was flawed, then repeal and replace it. But don’t BS the American people that the same number of Americans will be covered. Say that the new plan will cover fewer, cost far more for Americans 50+ but still moves the ball forward and longer term reduces cost (if that really is the case).

2. Don’t tell me 94 Million Americans are out of work in a supposedly “well delivered speech” and then take credit for February 4.7% unemployment, a week later. The numbers don’t match.

3. Don’t tell me your administration had no contact during the election and pre-Inauguration with senior Russian officials when it did. It’s OK to say you did. Just admit it, and just explain the context so we can have confidence that you did so in the nation’s best interest. But when senior officials deceive us and outright lie, it surely leads me to believe they are covering up something far deeper.

4. Don’t tell me that manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S. when we all know that they are not. We have evolved to a service economy.

5. Don’t blame illegal aliens for crime. Their crime numbers are miniscule. And don’t blame radical Islamist for all domestic terrorism, the majority of which is committed by white unstable males who should not have had access to guns. The 2nd Amendment does not provide the right for mentally unstable Americans to bear automatic weapons.

6. Don’t lie about Millions of illegal votes when that wasn’t the case, or the size of your electoral victory. What does it matter? You won.

7. Don’t tell me the former President wire tapped you. It’s a whopper and everyone inside and outside your administration knows this. And in the really, really, really unlikely scenario that it’s true, there are even bigger issues afoot because that means there was probable cause of wrong doing to allow a tap. I would prefer you to be a liar than a traitor.

Just tell the truth and sell the American people your ideas and implement them wisely and with integrity. Not every program will benefit everyone. That’s OK. Don’t sugarcoat issues. I did not agree with all the programs of the former Administration either. The benefits of the ACA were surely over-stated (“You like your plan, you can keep your plan”) and I didn’t think all our foreign policies were wise. But on balance I believed in the integrity of our former leadership. I was not ashamed of our President, nor did I believe our former leader was a lying con-man.

Our new President and his administration have several years ahead to get their act together to do good. We are merely two months in. But I wish the new Administration would change their approach by telling the truth, popular or not. We can handle it.

There are many serious issues, domestic and international, to be faced. There is no need to exaggerate or make up ones that don’t exist because we have plenty of real ones straight ahead. Please speak the truth and govern wisely. Most Americans will support you if you do. I know I will, regardless of my feelings about a specific issue.

Our country’s future is at stake.

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