Who Do You Trust?

trustWe are not a trusting society. We do not trust our:

Other countries.

Basically we trust no one and no institution. There may be good reasons for the mistrust for all of them, but as a nation we are reaching a critical time where we need to move forward and put some trust in tomorrow, lest our future not be as bright.

As a nation, economically we have moved back from the edge of the cliff but there is underlying mistrust of the institutions which helped put us there. Lest we forget in late 2008 and 2009 we were truly on the edge of a major Depression. And while the economy on a whole has improved, all is not well in every household and underemployment and financial issues are still pervasive.

In the forthcoming years we must as a nation come together (with others) and solve some serious issues:

1. Climate

Climate change is not an issue we can avoid dealing with. Drought, famine, floods, hurricanes, etc. are devastating outgrowths of the climate change that we (and the rest of the world) face. Small steps in recent agreements with China are part of the solution, but just a start. This is not just a U.S. problem. I used to think chatter about climate change is a “henny penny” kind of issue. It’s not… when the sky really may be falling.

2. Unrest in the world

This is not just our problem to solve, and unrest in the world in not new, but technology and weapons of mass destruction bring a new level of complexity.

3. Trust in our government

Our political system is pathetic. It doesn’t matter where your personal politics lie. We have serious issues that aren’t being solved and a political system that isn’t solving them. That’s gotta change.

4. Business

I don’t trust financial institutions that helped create the financial Armageddon we faced. Financial sleight of hand in complex transactions helped cause our problems. Don’t think for a second it couldn’t happen again.

Trust is an issue that the Edeleman Trust Barometer looks at annually. It is a fascinating report from Edelman’s research arm, Edelman Berland and it looks at trust issues across the globe. I don’t have enough IQ points to summarize it properly.

But this I do know…. the simple truth is that we live in a world that has become more interdependent. Technology, climate issues, world strife, economic issues, connect us all. For our future and our children’s future, we need to find our way to address the issues that affect us all.
Deeper trust is one of the ways to do so.

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