Will Social Become the Primary Web Traffic Driver?

imagesEvery day the influence of social media as a marketing tool strengthens and more marketers appreciate its power as a primary web traffic generator. As the marketing world evolves social, search and SEO are becoming seamlessly married. So it’s not surprising that social is now driving web visits more and more. In fact for younger consumers, social media, rather than search, is already the primary driver.

In an interesting article in the June 25 Entrepreneur called Social Media May Soon Drive More Traffic to Your Website Than Search Engines it is pointed out that based on a recent Forrester Research study that roughly half of internet uses 32 and under use social networks as their resource to discover web sites, and 1/3 of all Americas do so as well.

I can tell you personally that referrals from social media posts has become the primary driver for Strumings readership and it’s growing every month.

If social media is rapidly becoming the primary web traffic driver, what can you do as a marketer to accelerate this trend? Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Measure which social platforms drive traffic to your site

2. Be sure to include social share buttons to make it easier for readers to share

3. Answer questions on social media

4. Respond to blog post comments, even when feedback is negative

5. Use most important industry key words often and in headlines of social updates and blog posts

6. Use video, embed YouTube videos on your site

7. Include your web address on all social channels

8. Include links to social media channels in your email signature

9. Create a responsive design site optimized for tablet and mobile users

10. Measure the topics that your blog readers like most and write to their interests.

No doubt there are many other suggestions. But smart marketers have opened their eyes to the many ways their customers access information about them. Don’t underestimate the power of social.

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